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long sword -- Matches all entries which contain both words anywhere in the entry. (An entry which contains only one of the search terms doesn't match.)
long -sword -- Matches all entries which contain long but which don't include the word sword.

Case does not matter. River, RIVER, and river will return the same results.

There is more than one way to enter special (non-ASCII) characters. See this chart for details. One option is to enter special characters as entities; for example, you can type búton as búton. Here are some entities for the special characters which occur the most frequently in these texts:

á á ð ð
é é þ þ
í í æ æ
ó ó &aelig-acute;
ú ú

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You can click on any word in the search results to obtain more information about that word.

Above an entry are the following controls:

If a page has not been corrected, you can volunteer to correct the whole page. If a page has been corrected, you can report a single, individual error in an entry on that page.

An uncorrected page typically contains dozens of errors. For this reason, it's impractical to accept reports of individual errors on uncorrected pages.

What texts are included

The following texts are currently included in this search database:

Authors Year Language Correction status
Fick, Falk, and Torp 1909 Proto-Germanic Hand-corrections completed
Bosworth and Toller 1898/1921 Old English In progress, mostly not corrected
Cleasby and Vigfusson 1874 Old Icelandic In progress, mostly not corrected
Bright 1912 Anglo-Saxon Reader (Glossary only)
Wright 1910 Grammar of the Gothic Language (Glossary only)


Late every Saturday night (U.S. east coast time), the database is rebuilt to incorporate the week's volunteer submissions. This takes around 45 minutes, and the search facility is not available during this time.