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In an ordinary paper book, you can write your own comments in the margins. These annotations can be very useful. For example, you might note an error in the text, or add supplemental information. Unfortunately, in a paper book, nobody else can see your margin comments unless they borrow your physical copy of the book, so your annotation has a limited audience.

The Germanic Lexicon Project makes it possible for you to "pencil notes into the margins" of the online dictionaries. Users all over the world can share your margin notes.

When you Search the dictionaries, each entry has a link which you can click to write a comment "in the margin" of that entry. There is a second link which you can click to view margin comments written by others.

Your margin comments also automatically appear on the Message Board, so that others can easily find recent margin comments. On the message board, the symbol indicates that a message was "penciled into the margins" of a dictionary entry. There is also a link in the margin comment back to the original dictionary entry, so you can easily see what the annotator is responding to.