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Author: Sean Crist (Swarthmore College)
Email: kurisuto at unagi dot cis dot upenn dot edu
Date: 2004-09-24 09:03:34
Subject: Re: Bold tags - attachment

> That difference in appearance is due to different ways of interpreting the newline character between systems and programs. There is no problem in which program you use as long as you save the corrected text as 'plain text' (txt). So I would use Emacs as it is more confortable having all the newlines on the screen.

Just to add to what Raul says: when you save a text file from the web, a lot of browsers will automatically change the newline characters (^J) to whatever kind of line break is preferred on your computer (i.e., return (^M) for Macintosh, newline plus return (^M^J) for Windows, or is stays a newline (^J) in Linux/Unix). I vaguely remember that Internet Explorer has different commands for saving a text file from the web, one that does this conversion and one that doesn't.

The system for uploading files knows about this issue, and is supposed to handle it gracefully if you upload a file which has Mac-style or Windows-style line breaks. (At least, it worked when I tested it; I'm sure we'll find out if there's any problems.)


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