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Author: Raul Vallejo
Email: wodensonn at yahoo dot com
Date: 2004-09-24 08:35:26
Subject: Re: Bold tags - attachment

Hi, Jim

I noticed the same problem about the bold tags. You can read it in one of my previous posts. Sean says he ll try to solve it soon. Anyway, it is not a critic problem, I feel, so if that s the only problem you find after checking, I suppose there will be no problem uploading the corrected test.

> I almost forgot to mention that when viewing the file in Emacs it looks fine i.e. there are newlines present.

That difference in appearance is due to different ways of interpreting the newline character between systems and programs. There is no problem in which program you use as long as you save the corrected text as 'plain text' (txt). So I would use Emacs as it is more confortable having all the newlines on the screen.


PS.- Please tell us if you succeeded in uploading any corrected text file withouth getting an error. You use a Linux machine, right? Thanks.

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