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Author: Sean Crist (Swarthmore College)
Email: scrist1 at swarthmore dot edu
Date: 2004-09-24 07:14:23
Subject: Re: Errors checking and uploading

> 1. The checking process seems to work fine (and has proven to be very useful) except for the bold tags. Although there are a lot of bold tags in my corrected text file, the checking procedure doesn't seem to recognise them (this is not strictly a problem).

Yeah, I just noticed that problem in the last couple days also. I'll try to fix it this weekend.

> 2. When I try to submit my corrected page, I get the following error message:
> "There is no record of a page corresponding to the page number in your filename. Did you change the filename?"
> I'm sure I corrected the page I reserved, and I didn't change the filename... so, what have I done wrong? :)

This one is more puzzling.

Looking at the log file, I can see that the problem is that the file is coming through with the underscore (_) changed to a tab character. So the question is how this is happening. I know you didn't change the filename yourself, but can you double-check that your browser didn't change it on your computer when you saved the file?

I suspect that the problem is at my end, though. It probably has to do with how Windows pathnames are handled (I don't have a Windows machine, so I wasn't able to test it as much as Mac and Linux, unfortunately). I'll try to figure this one out this weekend also.

Sorry to make you have to wait! Should be fixed before long, if I don't run into some awful complication.


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