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Author: Raul Vallejo
Email: wodensonn at yahoo dot com
Date: 2004-09-24 07:27:22
Subject: Re: Errors checking and uploading

> Yeah, I just noticed that problem in the last couple days also. I'll try to fix it this weekend.

OK. I just wanted you to know...

> Looking at the log file, I can see that the problem is that the file is >coming through with the underscore (_) changed to a tab character. So the >question is how this is happening. I know you didn't change the filename >yourself, but can you double-check that your browser didn't change it on >your computer when you saved the file?

I ve checked and no, the browser doesn t change the underscore to a tab in the upload box. I even tried typing the file name in the upload box (before clicking on "Submit"). So I think the problem is in the CGI that uploads the text file (and how it is treating the Windows pathname), or maybe in some parameter of the FORM object in the page (most probably in the CGI).

> Sorry to make you have to wait! Should be fixed before long, if I don't > run into some awful complication.

Don't worry about that! :) It's the project which is important.


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