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Help with posting messages







HTML tags

If you are familiar with HTML, you can add HTML tags to your post to produce text in italics, boldface, etc. To prevent abuse, the only permitted tags are:

<i> <b> <li> <ol> <ul> <blockquote>

If you use other tags, they will be automatically stripped out of your post. This is to prevent evil-doers from putting pop-ups or other obnoxious things in their posts.

Special characters

The rules for entering special characters (non-ASCII) are the same as in the Search system. You can enter special characters:

The list of accepted entitied (like &aelig;) is available here. The typing shortcuts work in the Search system, but they don't work in the Message system because they cause too many unintended effects.

Be careful when using the characters " (double quote) or ' (apostrophe) in your messages, because these characters are a part of some typing shortcuts. For example, if you type Joe's, then Joés will be displayed in your message, because e' (e followed by apostrophe) is a typing shortcut for é. To avoid this problem, you can enter &quot; or &apos; instead of " or '.