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Bosworth/Toller, pages b1300 thru b1302

Main text (1898)
[b0001-b0099] [b0100-b0199] [b0200-b0299] [b0300-b0399] [b0400-b0499]
[b0500-b0599] [b0600-b0699] [b0700-b0799] [b0800-b0899] [b0900-b0999]
[b1000-b1099] [b1100-b1199] [b1200-b1299] [b1300-b1302]

Supplementary volume (1921)
[d0001-d0099] [d0100-d0199] [d0200-d0299] [d0300-d0399] [d0400-d0499]
[d0500-d0599] [d0600-d0699] [d0700-d0768]

Pages starting with b are from the main dictionary; pages starting with d are from the supplement. Pages starting with a (not shown here) are from the preface/introductory sections of the main dictionary; those starting with c (also not shown) are from the preface/introductory sections of the supplement.

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