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Author: Jim
Email: jim_poolz at yahoo dot com
Date: 2004-09-24 07:44:22
Subject: Bold tags

Hi there,

I've just finished correcting my first page of Bosworth and Toller (bt_b0007.txt) and have just ran it through the checking process. The results show one error: "No boldface tags ... were found." yet there are boldface tags present where needed.

I should mention that I've used Emacs to correct the text and not, for example, used Notepad. Having said that, I've just viewed the same file through Notepad and the text appears to be one continuous line with no (apparent) newlines anywhere! (viewed with the "Word wrap" option deselected).

Does this present a problem and hence I should use Notepad in future or is there nothing to worry about?


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