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Author: Andre Novellino
Email: andre dot ng at live dot com
Date: 2016-02-12 15:02:28
Subject: Re: Volunteers

> >
> > I am very interested in your volunteer program if you still need volunteers. Please contact me if you do. Thank you!
> Hi,
> Unfortunately, there isn't any work for volunteers at this time.
> The first pass of corrections on the two main dictionaries is done. Unfortunately, supporting further edits would require a substantial reworking of the software. I worked on that between 2007-2013, but it's clear to me now that my plans were too ambitious. It was more than I can reasonably hope to accomplish in my spare time.
> I haven't ruled out getting back to it at some point.
> --Sean

Hello Sean,

I might be able to help with the software (I have some years of programming experience). I really love this project, and I enjoyed your article on *z loss in West Germanic quite a bit; as such, it would be a pleasure to help.

Best regards,

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