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Author: Sean Crist (Swarthmore College)
Email: kurisuto at unagi dot cis dot upenn dot edu
Date: 2004-09-25 00:09:48
Subject: Bug fixes/improvements

Following are improvements to the site software which I made tonite.
Please let me know of any new bugs you notice resulting from these changes.

--There was a bug which caused the check system to incorrectly complain
that there were no tags for boldface text in the uploaded file. Fixed.

--The main pages for Cleasby/Vigfusson and Bosworth/Toller previously
had links to the entirely uncorrected HTML files. These individual
HTML files are now automatically regenerated once a week to reflect
the week's corrections. Thus, the Search system, the individual HTML
files, and the downloadable files of the entire dictionaries are now
all in synch. (I still need to do a little more improving on this,
but the basic system to generate the HTML files weekly is up and
running now.)

--Looking at the system logs, I can see that there are often queries
like daeg, where the user probably actually meant to search for
dæg. It's understandable that not everyone would read the
online help about how to enter special characters. So, I added some
features to the Search system to give the user appropriate feedback if
the search string looks like it might contain one of several common
types of mistake.

-Made several other minor bug fixes.

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